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What is a School Social Worker?

School Social Workers (SSW) are a vital part of the educational team, working together with educational administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, nurses, speech and language pathologists and other staff. Their unique graduate level training in social work enables them to understand and interpret the influences of the school, home, and community on children.

School Social Workers identify factors that can make school a more successful experience for students.


What do School Social Workers Do?


School Social Workers help STUDENTS:

1. Achieve maximum benefit from their educational opportunities

2. Understand themselves and others
3. Improve interpersonal relationships
4. Cope with stress
5. Develop decision making skills


School Social Workers help PARENTS:

Participate effectively in their children's education

understand and meet their children's social and emotional needs

understand programs available to students with special needs

utilize school and community resources effectively.


School Social Workers help SCHOOLS:

Understand factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health, etc.) that affect students’ abilities to make maximum use of their school experience

utilize their resources in meeting the educational, social, and emotional needs of students

promote a safe school environment.


School Social Workers help COMMUNITIES:

Understand school policies, programs, and practices

minimize those environmental factors which inhibit learning

develop resources to adequately meet the needs of students and families.

Services Offered:

•Individual Counseling
•Support Groups
•Family Consultations
•Crisis Intervention
•Pre-referral Interventions
•Community Connections
•Consultation with Teachers/Administrators


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*The Behavior Development Program is an Individualized Education Program serving IEP students with mild to moderate emotional disturbances and other helath impairments (i.e., ADHD, Bipolar Disorder).  The program provides additional structure and supervision for these students as well while implementing varying degrees of alternative educational programming and discipline to facilitate success of these students in a public high school setting.