Belleville 201 recognizes that a community is very dynamic.  People live in all kinds of situations.  Some people grow up, live, work, and retire in the same community... or even the same neighborhood.  Other people move away for one reason or another.  Schools are the cornerstone of a community.  As such, it is our responsibility to attract new people into the area, and if we can, entice those who have left to return.


Realtors will be able to find some promotional information about our school district and related links to important sites that may assist in promoting our community to potential home buyers.


About the district:  Belleville Township High School District No. 201 serves students from 10 public elementary school districts and several private and parochial schools in the communities of Belleville, Fairview Heights, Millstadt, and Swansea.


Public Elementary School Districts


County map to determine school district