Belleville Township High School District 201 - History


Originally, District 201 operated only one school, Belleville Township High School, located at 2600 West Main Street.  The growth of the district, however, prompted the Board of Education to construct a new campus and divide the student body between two schools.  Thus, Belleville East High School was constructed, opening in the fall of 1966.  The new campus was built in a college format with many different buildings. The newly commissioned Belleville Area College (now Southwestern Illinois College) occupied half of the campus while the new high school occupied the other. However, enrollment in the school increased rapidly and the college was forced to move to a new location. This is why Belleville East has such a unique outdoor campus.

As the growth of the District continued, the need for a larger Belleville West Campus was realized.  Therefore, in 2002, a new state of the art high school was built on 113 acres at the corner of Rt 15 and Frank Scott Parkway West.