Veterans' Memorial

vetrans memorial

Belleville Township High School District 201 has constructed a memorial to those alumni of Belleville Township High School who lost their lives in the Armed Services. Separate memorials were added to the West and East campuses.

As part of the program, student and faculty members of the Belleville West Renaissance Committee have researched a list of individuals who selflessly gave their lives for their country.  So far the research has produced the following names:

Earl N. Stiener Vernon Mahan Robert W. Jobe
John C. Woodrome Orville Pierce Pete Hammond
Jack J. Wangelin Lawrence E. Denny Don Hoffeditz
Harold W. Beese Terry Pensoneau Don Gamble
James W. Davis Lawrence Grass Ron Roberts
William E. Geist Allen R. Gray Frank D. Waddell
Milton F. Heineman Phillip C. Smith John B. Johnson
John A. Knoerzer, Jr. Thomas E. Irwin Don Voland
Harold T. Ore John W. Lankford Don Bergadine
Robert P. Davis James E. Neumeyer Robert W. Bonhard
Daniel H. Evans James M. Klopmeyer John Goodlett
Edward J. Taylor Pete B. Hammond Russel Elend
James G. Taylor, Jr. Matthew A. Wyatt William O. grimmig
Leslie M. Koudelka Michael J. Stuhlsatz Clarence Knoebloch
Arthur M. Smith Frank J. Bloomer Lowell E. Hawthorne
Warren E. West Fred A. Fuchs James Newton
Richard R. Scott Francis Andrzejewski Raymond Slayden
Vernon O. Staub Ralph J. Nold Clarence E. Hettenhausen
Raymond F. Wasser Warren R. Wild Elmer Boisseau
Herman A. Bauer Edward Taylor Mel Baker
Lawrence Cochran Walter Schmisseur  


If you have any information regarding confirmation of the names on this list or names omitted, please contact Brandon Woodrome at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (618) 222-7642. Only with your help can we create a memorial worthy of the honor and history of these individuals.