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The Program


The Student Assistance Program is a school-based, early-intervention program for students who are having difficulty being successful in school.There are a number of factors that may contribute to student difficulties in school. Among these are problems with:

Learning Socialization Substance abuse Changes in the family Peer pressure School environment

**All information received and documented is strictly confidential**

To refer a student for assistance, click Initial Referral Link.


STAR Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

The STAR Team is committed to identifying and reducing problematic behaviors of students specifically for the purpose of achieving success.



The administration and staff of Belleville East High School recognizes that the welfare of a student can have a profound effect on the learning process and overall success in the school setting. Atypical behaviors, inadequate academic progress, excessive absenteeism, and various health problems of a student may be affected positively if they can be identified and modified meeting each student's needs.


The STAR Team is committed to minimizing the impact of these problematic behaviors by focusing on a system of prevention, early detection, school-based intervention, and/or community-based intervention services.

How Are Students Assisted?

Early Identification

Concerned individuals make referrals about students to the core team. These individuals may be faculty/staff members, parents, or other students. Referrals are usually written and based on specific, observable and descriptive data.

Data Collector

The team collects and compiles data from school staff and faculty. Included are grades, attendance, and behavior checklists from Teachers, School Nurse, Counselors, and the Assistant Principals. The data is compiled and reviewed by the whole team. A determination is made to either take no action at this time or move on to Intervention.


After data collection is complete, the team works together to develop strategies for help. Intervention plans may include:

      • Parental contact
      • Adult mentors
      • Behavior contracts
      • School-based intervention services
      • Community-based intervention services
      • Special education referral


The team works collaboratively with the student, staff, parents, and community resources to monitor the student's progress and offer additional options.

**All information received and documented is strictly confidential**

Referral Process

Concerned faculty/staff member, parent, or student completes STAR Team initial referral form with specific observable behaviors only. Initial referral forms are found online through the "Initial Referral Link" or paper forms can be found in the counseling center in B building. 

The on-line referral link will direct new referrals to the program coordinator, completed paper initial referral form(s) can be directed to East social workers. You may also call or email the coordinator or counselor regarding the referral. Referrals are assigned a STAR Team case manager.

The STAR Team case manager compiles a behavior/performance composite and presents it to the entire STAR Team.

After reviewing the behavior/performance composite, a recommendation will be made by the STAR Team for a plan of action. One of the following may apply:

  • School based intervention/action plan
  • Parental contact
  • Special education referral
  • Community-based intervention/action plan

The STAR Team case manager will complete student outcome data form.

Follow-up may take place periodically throughout the remainder of the school year, to check on the progress of the student.

**All information received and documented is strictly confidential**



STAR Team Contacts

Cheryl Logston , Coordinator

Counselor's Office


Voicemail number 3749



Guidance Office

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