Belleville East Counseling Department


Welcome to the home page of the Belleville East School Counseling Department! Please browse among our various pages to find the helpful information you need.  Live help is always available, during business hours,
by dialing the East Counseling Office at 618-222-3705.


2022-23 BTHS East School Counselors
Student Caseload Assignments

A-Co Mrs. Michelle Seneczyn 618-222-3741
Cr-Ha Dr.  Jennifer Stenger 618-222-3764
He-Ka Mrs. Andrea Barriger, Director 618-222-3731
Ke-Nu Mrs. Brittany Cox 618-222-3761
O-Sn Mrs. Chrissie Turner 618-222-3746
So-Z Mr.  Merle Wilder 618-222-3762
Additional Counseling Center Staff
Admin. Assistant Mrs. Erica Koonce 618-222-3705
B'East Registrar  Mrs. Barb Hermann 618-222-3765
Dist. 201 CTE Counselor: Mrs. Amanda Guinn  618-222-3768
Belleville East Social Workers
Freshmen                      Mrs. Laurie Gray                  618-222-3743
Sophomores Mr. Scott Neufeld-Wall            618-222-3737
Juniors Dr. Rashida McKinley 618-222-3766
Seniors Mrs. Neilie Sternau 618-222-3749





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