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21-22 BE-SS Picture

Front row:  Doug Zerjal, Ryan Wiggs, Derek Vallem, Katie Hoerner, Marc Novaria
Back Row:  Rob Garrison, Todd Blomberg, Brian Loehring, Matt Mason, Mike Harrison, Rich Maue, David Appel, Keith Padgett, Mark Larsen, Jeff Creek, Andrea Seipp, Mark Brachman, Kyla Kloever, Ryan Presson, Amy Schulte, Lauren Sexauer

The Belleville East Social Studies Department Welcomes You!

This website is designed for the Belleville East Social Studies Department to interact with students, parents, and the educational community. You will find additional information on our department's philosophy, course offerings, links, and extra-curricular activities.

For more information about individual teacher classrooms, please visit the teacher webpages of our staff or contact them through e-mail or phone.

To reach a teacher by voice mail, dial (618) 222-3700 + 4 digit VM


Class Field Trip to Gettysburg Battlefield 

No Child Left Behind Act Regarding Adequate Yearly Progress

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Apr 19

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Apr 18