Jeff West, Department Chair

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The Belleville East Science Department Welcomes You to the 2013-2014 School Year!

We hope that you will use this website to contact teachers, learn about our courses, and, when December arrives, begin to think about the courses offered for the next school year.

The Science Department is composed of two areas of study:  the Biological Sciences and the Physical Sciences. 

The Biological Sciences are taught in G and Q-buildings and consist ofBiology, Honors Biology, Wildlife Biology, Advanced Wildlife Biology, Human Anatomy/Physiology, and Advanced Placement Biology. 

The Physical Sciences are taught in Q-building and consist of Intro Chemistry, Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, Advanced Placement Chemistry, Physics, Honors Physics, and Advanced Physics.

Each one of our teachers is dedicated to the success of our students, however, we believe that the student holds the ultimate responsibility for his/her success in school.  Our classes are designed to provide each student with a variety of instructional strategies, hands-on activities, and numerous opportunities for success.  If, at any time, you have a problem, concern, or a question, please contact the appropriate teacher (see below). 

Please use the district's online grading system to stay up to date with each course.  In addition, many of our science teachers maintain their own websites to keep you informed of specific information.  Simply click on a teacher's name to be directed to that teacher's website.

 To reach teacher by voice mail, dial (618) 222-3700 + 4 digit VM.

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